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Product Details:
Actors: Darryl Stephens, Rodney Chester, Christian Vincent, Doug Spearman, Jensen Atwood
Director: Patrik-Ian Polk
Format: Box set, Color, Dolby, Full Screen, NTSC
Language: English
Number of Discs: 3
Studio: MTV
Run Time: 200 minutes
DVD Release Date: August 08, 2006
Average Customer Rating: based on 176 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.5 ( 176 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

43 of 49 found the following review helpful:

5Noahs Arc IS great!Jul 09, 2006
By R.S.G "lopakaboy"
Noahs Arc- the complete first season is great New series from Logo network. This series is a refreshing and new comedy about four African-American Gay men and there relationships with there lovers. Its a great new comedy! I fell instantly in love with the series and the characters.

I definitely will buy as many series from this collection as offered!

This series begins with four good friends. First guy, a HIV prevention expert. Second a promiscuous club boy who just wants to have fun. The third, a stiff professor; and the fourth, Noah, who seems to keep all these friends together.

To find out more, watch Queer as folk final season SNEAK-PEEKS! I did and bought Noahs Arc- The First season as soon as it came out. This new series is WORTH IT!

23 of 25 found the following review helpful:

3Sex and the City meets Soul Food meets Queer as FolkAug 10, 2006
By K. Hinton "avid reader"
Noah's Arc is a fun, gay comedy from the Logo Network. It was recommended to me by friends because of my love for Queer as Folk and Sex and the City, and it has the most hilarious elements of both but with an entirely different spin. Logo promotes the show as Sex and the City meets Soul Food, and they're on the mark.

The players:
Noah - a struggling screenwriter and incurable romantic
Alex - a sassy HIV educator
Ricky - hot body, promiscuous, avoids monogamy like the plague
Chance - uptight college professor

Noah, the lead character, is played as an ultra-femme gay man with a voice that's slightly reminiscent of Michael Jackson. He is basically the "Carrie" of the group with the fashion sense and money problems to prove it. His best friends form a tight-knit group with Ricky as the sex fiend "Samantha," Chance as the prim and proper "Charlotte," and though Alex isn't really as cynical as "Miranda" at least he's a professional.

This show is just a bit over the top with the characters playing their roles as black gay men a little stereotypically at times, but it works. In just the first five episodes they deal with issues like a boyfriend who needs a bit of "thug love," cybersex coming between a relationship, whether or not a certain guy might be gay--and how to find out for sure. This DVD set includes 9 episodes and special features like deleted scenes, 2 short films, auditions, extended scenes, and commentary. I highly recommend watching the episodes with the extended scenes enabled if you haven't seen this show yet.

With equal parts drama and comedy, I can't wait to see what Noah and the boys have in store for next season.

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5Groundbreaking for sure!Jan 20, 2007
By Olukayode Balogun
There's quite a lot I could say about this series on DVD, about the lives of four black gay friends and their respective romantic and sexual partners but I've decided to say just a little and, in the main, be supportive. Not just towards "Noah's Arc" director, Patrik-Ian Polk but also to the actors and technical crew who obviously worked very hard to put this series together and, more importantly, towards black gay programming and filmmaking in general. I can only speak for myself and as a black gay man but I know I remain hungry for representation on the big and small screen, hungry to the point where it doesn't always matter whether said representation is realistic and positive, or not. This series may only be available on a subscription only cable channel in the US and may not be available to watch on any channel in this country for a long time to come (if ever) but it's a start. No matter what I might feel about certain aspects of this series, as a whole it's definitely groundbreaking stuff. Polk is a pioneer.

I winced quite a lot through the first episode or so but after that, I began to feel that the actors were really getting into a rhythm, gelling as a unit and that the storylines, though a bit short on depth, really began to show heart and humour, while at the same time managing to tackle some very important issues that as black gay men, we can often find very difficult to talk about. I particularly liked the way the HIV issue was dealt with and I have to say I don't think I've ever seen it done in a more accurate or helpful way. Not even on shows like "ER" or "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit", which, for obvious reasons, have raised the issue more than a few times in the past.

All in all, I liked it and, mainly thanks to the way some of the storylines have been cleverly left unresolved, I genuinely look forward to the next season being released on DVD. And while I feel that characters like Perry in "Brother To Brother" or even Omar and his cohorts in "The Wire" (if you discount the criminality) are a lot closer to my reality and experience as a black gay man than any of the characters in this show, I do know we're not all the same. I do recognise that many black gay men will identify with the character in "Noah's Arc". Thus, I think every black gay man should have a copy, even if just for laughs.

But even if you're not black or gay but would like to get a handle on one man's perspective, (albeit, I suspect, largely drawn from fantasy), on what it means to be young, black and gay in that soup-plate of superficiality otherwise known as Los Angeles in the 21st century, you should definitely check this one out.

Great music by Meshell Ndegeocello though. As always.

7 of 7 found the following review helpful:

4Thought Provoking and Very FunnyJun 15, 2007
By James Morris
A television series about a previously ignored group of people certainly deserves attention, and I applaud the creators of Noah's Arc for daring to present the first series about the lives of African-American Gay men. Even better, after watching both seasons on DVD, I found that Noah's Arc mostly lived up to its well-deserved accolades. The characters are quirky, the plot lines fast and furious, the laughs frequent and genuine and the drama quite effective.

I admit I was initially disappointed by the quality of the acting, until I realized that it took a few episodes for the cast to fully hit their stride, and I believe that the series perfectly fit its tag line, "A comedy about drama". After I relaxed into it, I came to care about the characters and their situations quite a bit. By the time I finished the DVD of Season One, I was so addicted to Noah and his friends that I had to purchase Season Two, even though it seemed the creators sometimes tried to squeeze just a little too much plot into a 22-minute format. But considering the constraints they had to work with, in the end I marveled at how skillfully the writers weaved in a myriad of subjects and plotlines, subtly handling many important issues without ever being heavy handed.

The lead character Noah is a case in point. I quickly caught on that his character is deliberately rather feminine, and I realized that the writers wanted viewers to get comfortable with the idea that this slight, delicate and very femme gay man managed in eight short episodes to attract the romantic attention of a half-dozen masculine, sexy co-stars and guest stars. The story of Noah's romance with his on-again off-again boyfriend Wade (played by the adorably dimpled hunk, Jensen Atwood) is the primary focus of the plot, although each episode also found time to explore the daily lives, loves and dramas of his three best friends, Alex, Ricky and Chance (for those who don't get it, Alex Ricky Chance = Noah's ARC, according to a comment by the series creator).

But at first I wasn't sure if Noah's wardrobe and femme manner were meant to be the biggest "in-joke" of the series. In an early episode, while his character is crying poverty and falls behind on his rent, he is dressed (as always) in an ever-changing ensemble of ultra-chic couture, much of which makes him look even more effeminate. Eventually, the effeminacy issue was tackled head-on quite satisfactorily, and one character's speech about "effemina-phobia" and his subtle but powerful comments on the anti-eroticism / ostracism of femme men in the gay male subculture was extremely thought provoking. This is the show's biggest strength; it manages to delve very subtly into issues that many members of the gay male community (and indeed, many gay films and novels) completely ignore, without spoiling the humor or getting too preachy. Before long, I realized that the creators were definitely making a statement with the fact that some of Noah's outfits bordered on cross-dressing, even while I could never be sure if his clothes were meant to be taken seriously or not. Noah's boyfriends were all extreme hunks (one thing this show does not lack for is eye candy) but all the while the disparity between Noah's feminine nature and the masculinity of his various suitors made me feel uncomfortable and definitely conscious of the looks-ism and anti-femme bigotry that permeate the gay male world today. Bravo!

In fact, the most satisfying aspect of the series was that it tackled a surprising number of real-life issues with humor and charm, and I was amazed that through the relatively short run of this show, Noah's Arc discussed a variety of important topics, like HIV testing and awareness, the "down-low" subculture, sero-discordant couples, gay dating, gay marriage, sexual compulsion, monogamy, gay bashing, and the previously mentioned delicate issue of "effemina-phobia" (and whichever writer on this show coined that word deserves a medal), all with a refreshing mix of light-hearted laugh-out-loud humor and (at times) dead serious drama. As often as I found myself laughing hysterically, I also found myself extremely touched by the dramatic situations and challenged by the serious, provocative subject matter.

There was one major disappointment - although I was aware even before I acquired the Season Two DVD set that the show had not been renewed for a third season, I was not prepared for the abrupt, unresolved cliffhanger ending of the final episode, which left the fate of one of the main characters completely up in the air. This was quite annoying, since there was no opportunity to resolve this plot point. For this reason alone, I must subtract one star from what would otherwise be a five star review.

Despite this shortcoming, Noah's Arc gets five stars for effort, ten stars for its genuinely funny moments, and a big thank you for discussing so many important topics without being preachy or trite. May it be a harbinger of things to come.

12 of 14 found the following review helpful:

5I am ADDICTED to this show!!!!!!Jul 03, 2006
By Xavi
After seeing the 2 episode preview for Noah's Arc on the last disk of the Final Season of Queer as Folk, I knew I had to have more! I then went online and ordered it from LOGO. It came yesterday and I am watching episode after episode! I love it sooo much. It is soo refreshing to see poeple like 'us' on tv. There are flamboyent to straigh-acting characters which we all can relate to! I call this Sex and the City meets Queer as Folk. I do wish it was a longer season, maybe season 2 will have more episodes! The episodes all have commentaries on them, all have extended scenes showing you things they couldnt on TV, the PILOT episode and more! Order this DVD! You wont be disappointed! One drawback.... the origianl music/songs that are featured on the show are not the same on DVD. So, if you heard Rihanna's song playing at a club when you watched this on TV, it wont be on the DVD. I guess because of licensing fee's. BUT nonetheless it is a great DVD, funny, and I am glad this show came about!

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